Can't Get Your Garage Door Open?

Can't Get Your Garage Door Open?

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Garage doors that can't be opened or closed can disrupt your day very quickly. But we're here to help. C&D Doors provides garage opener repair services for residential and commercial clients in Gordonsville and Orange County, VA. No matter what the problem is, we'll fix your opener in no time. Whether you have a basic opener or a high-tech one, we're able to repair it.

If you need a new opener, we also offer garage opener replacement services. You can learn more when you call 540-832-3564 now.

Find out what we can fix

A garage door opener could need repairs for all sorts of reasons. Our team is able to fix most of them. You can hire us for garage opener repair services to fix:

  • Logic boards
  • Dead batteries
  • Sensor eyes

We can make any necessary adjustments, and we won't leave until we know your opener is completely fixed. Reach out to us today to book our garage opener replacement services.